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Spacious exterior backyards and decks for home remodels

Backyards and Decks

Your backyard is more than just a plot of land - In the Bay Area, homeowners use their backyard spaces as an extension of their home.  While the sun shines bright most of the year,  the best place to soak up the great weather is in the comfort of your own backyard. Phoenix Legend Builders can help you enhance your outdoor living space and provide innovative design ideas, so you can enjoy sunny weather all year round.

The Main Process to Creating Your Dream Backyard

  • Free, In-Home consultation – Develop a backyard or deck plan that clearly states your expectations.

  • Discuss design – Determine what you want in your backyard environment.

  • Get permits – Applying for building permits and getting approvals.

  • Construction – The work begins.

  • Inspection – Final inspection for Building Code compliance and apply for a code compliance certificate.

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