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Home Design-Build & Renovation Services

We develop innovative, sustainable solutions to answer our client's most complicated challenges.

Unlike most builders, we take our relationships with our clients very seriously.  Although their dream may be very clear in their mind, as professionals in the field, we have to extract their vision and articulate it into action.  It is a process that involves knowing your clients as partners.  Therefore, each stage in the building process has its unique and essential features for success.  As a result, our projects far exceed our competitors for quality and efficiency.  

Complete home remodel and renovation by Phoenix Legend Builders

What We Do

Custom home remodeler renovator builder

Project Design

During your FREE, in-home consultation, we begin the project design phase by discussing your ideas, processes, resources and deliverables involved in your project.  The design phase is the most exciting phase for the client and for the builder, because it adds the specific details that will bring it to life.

Custom home remodeler renovator builder

Project Management

Project management outlines the specifics of the day to day building activities and how it will impact the homeowners. We review a sequencing model that details the building schedule, the cost with scalable options, scope and completion date.  Our clients know the status and phase of the building process.

Custom home remodeler renovator builder

Site Evaluation

We arrive onsite and review all the building elements, understanding the client's wants and needs. During this walk-through, the steps to prepare and the cost of getting the site ready for building is discussed.  We want our clients to feel comfortable with the proposed plan before signing any contract.

Custom home remodeler renovator builder

Engineering Consulting

Our staff of architects and residential engineers provide expertise and guidance to our clients on engineering concerns and advises on how to best meet their design and construction demands.

Custom home remodeler renovator builder


The construction phase is the process is where our contractors actively change the building site and prepare, remove or add the structures for home building purposes and is a time when our clients actually see their project come to life. 

Custom home remodeler renovator builder

Final Design Details

Depending of the depth and scope of a project, our Interior Designers add the finished details to complete every project. Whether identifying the details of flooring, countertops, cabinets or light fixtures, our designers help our clients determine the right home remodel products that suit their lifestyle and compliment their dream home. 

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