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Adding an extension or rood addition by Phoenix

Room Additions

Adding an extra living room, a bedroom extension, compartment or dwelling space, by making structural changes and modifications to the existing layout can become very technical and complex.  Often roof lines and weight bearing walls are impacted and the structure has to be preserved.  The newly reclaimed space can be used as a home-based office, kid’s recreational area, gym, porch, sunroom, or entertainment room and seating arrangements.

The Most Popular Types of Home Additions

  • Bump-out Addition – It is typically done by extending sideways or in the rear of the house, by jutting outwards from inside in a controlled manner.

  • Modular Home Addition – Prefabricated compartments are directly brought in and attached to the main building.

  • Kitchen Addition – By reclaiming space, an extra kitchen is added within the house.

  • Bathroom Addition – A new or extra bathroom can be added, by converting some amount of vacant or unused space.

  • Sunroom Addition – A sunroom can act as a porch extending into the lawn or courtyard.

  • Second Story Addition – Extra dwelling space is achieved with all amenities.

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